Friday, 12 June 2015


Haloo lovelies, how is the week going and hope y’all are having a blessed and fun filled week. Today’s post is about different ways we styled this miraculous purple skirt. 

 Yes MIRACULOUS PURPLE SKIRT! That is what it is,you wanna know why we called it miraculous skirt? Trust me ladies, am gonna give you the full gist not leaving any details behind. Ok this was the conversation between us before the DENIM ON DENIM post.
LEEMA: ping!!!!! klebooo ,salam  dear, do you have any idea on what we should post next?
LARA: yea! Let’s do the denim on denim things.
LEEMA: that’s cool, have some denim but I will love to get denim overall ,been looking all over for it.
LARA: me too dear. When will you be free so we can check some stores around,
LEEMA: let go tomorrow then.
         Before I continue with ma story here is one of the ways we styled it.

 So we hooked up on that very good day, off we go, we searched the whole store in MX we couldn’t get what we want, LARA was already ‘’saying if I can’t get this overall denim am going home with my money before I get tempted to buy something I will regret’’ as tired as I was, I was still giving her hope that we will see, so we made up our mind that this will be the last store that we will check. With our tired self we entered the store sluggishly with the believe that we still won’t get what we want and yes we didn’t get what we want but something miraculous happen!

Ok here is the second look ladies before I continue my gist.

 After the long search through the whole cloth in the store we came across this beautiful long purple skirt, the look on our face was like we found the denim we were looking for.*lol The sad part of the story is that it’s only one, now who will take it? Lucky for LARA it was her perfect size, was so sad at that moment the look on my face says it all. After hearing the woman saying that is the only purple skirt she has, So I finally accepted my fate that I will spend hours walking about without getting what I want today, so she paid and as we are about leaving the store and there is was the MIRACULOUS skirt at one corner, the way I rushed it was as if I just saw 10million dollar. ALHAMDULILLAH we went home happy not because we got what we had in mind but something as good as it.



The lesson of this long story is that going to get clothes sometimes doesn’t work as planned, but will advise that just because you are with money doesn’t mean you must buy something home that you will regret later. It happens all the time am such you guys can relate to this. But sometimes something better is actually out there for you so. Before you buy make sure it’s what you really like and want that moment, we planned to buy a denim overall but went home with purple skirt that we loved and can’t regret buying

Ok ladies have you had such experience that you will love to share with us? Please drop in the comment box sweethearts and hope you all love how we styled it?

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