Friday, 27 May 2016


Peace be unto you guys! It’s the last Friday of the month of May and as well children’s day, so we decided to mark it in style. Well a lot of people think if you are an adult you don’t need to mark the day, for me I will say as far as your parents are still alive, you are still a child.
After the Jummah service we decided to take some pictures to show you guys a sneak peek of how we spent the day excluding the part of us dragging for meat after eating pounded yam at a very good joint. When I said we are still children I wasn't  lying. #Happychildren’sday
A little insight on our outfit. LARA is wearing the famous bat jalab and I decided to re-rock my cape which I wore in a post HERE with a free white jalab which came out really nice and not forgetting the head piece that transform our look to that of the Arabians. Have a great weekend lovelies!!!!!

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