Saturday, 28 November 2015


Who say hijabis can’t have fun like other people? Then that person hasn’t met this girl call ‘LEEMA’. How are you doing lovelies? Hope y’all are having a fulfilled weekend? Any owanbe or Ya just chilling with friends? Well yesterday was my ‘’ME DAY’’ yes I made that up. A day I get to give myself some good threat.

This ME DAY was actually motivated by OMOTOLANIE, she is having this NOVEMBER HAPPINESS CHALLENGE on her blog here. And the DAY TWENTY challenge was to go out alone either to a restaurant, cinema or any place of your choice. Well if I was in Lagos would have optioned for the beach, since there is no beach in Abuja and I still wanted to do something with water so I decided to go to this cool place to chill by the poolside, well I ended up swimming!

Well I didn’t jump into the pool in those clothes. Here is one of my HIJABI STRUGGLE, my love for swimming combined with the strange looks and anxiety I get when I wear clothes for swimming *covers face*. More reason why I went on a Friday and during work hours when I know people won’t be around to stare at a strange girl all covered in strange swimming wears *hahahahaha

Do I still need to talk about what I wore *sigh* decided to keep it simple in this vintage shirt and loose pants.

SO LADIES? What do you do for fun? Do drop your comments and tell us what you feel about today’s post and what you will like to see more.


Sunday, 22 November 2015


The orange colour  radiates warmth and happiness,the psychology behind this colour is optimistic,uplifting and tends to rejuvenate ones spirit so we recommend that people should wear this colour more often.#DoctorLeemaAndLara.
Today's outfit is an orange Abaya or Jilbab which Lara styled in 5 different ways although there are  1001 ways to style an Abaya because it is easy to wear, comfortable and makes the wearer look elegant in a modest way.Hope you find today's post inspiring.
Look1- Day Time Easy look,with a tiny belt to accentuate ones waist and you can wear this outfit with heels or a pair of any sandal of your choice.
Look 2- Work/Interview Look, using the Abaya as a base wear a blazer of your choice with a heel or wedge,this makes a perfect look to work or an interview.
Look 3- Work/casual Look- jalab with a waist coat. Casual buh chic!
Look 4- Edgy look with a leather blazer
Look 5- Party Look. That jalab with a fancy cute belt could pass for a party look.

What do you think guys? Don't forget to drop your comments in the comment box! 


Thursday, 19 November 2015


Dressing modestly (and fashionably) these days is an art form. Most of us are not willing to go through  the effort it takes to overcome the challenges and dress with grace, mystique, and dignity. Contrary to popular belief, "modest" and "fashionable" are not enemies. Decide what your standards of modesty are, and find trendy pieces that fit within those standards. 
Skirts are a fashion staple in many women’s wardrobes, but, as the hem line gets shorter, the more concerned we get about showing too much skin and at the same time difficult to take eyes off while shopping.
Styled this *not too long* skirt in two ways and decided to share with you all.


hat and hijab


 Do have a lovely day lovelies *muah*


Monday, 16 November 2015


Jeans and other types of pants have been known to be comfortable for our day to day activities but Skirts are considered to be feminine and elegant,its a must have for every lady.
We have styled a straight Maxi skirt in one of our previous posts but today our focus is on the one-stand out-style which is the ASYMMETRICAL SKIRT,it is a beautiful,interesting and unique piece of work that can be worn by all body types all you have to do is pick the style that accentuates your best assets and hides your unflattering problem areas.

 Let's look at some few things to consider when choosing an Asymmetrical skirt
   1) Have a budget, know how much you would like                to spend.
2) Make sure you try the skirt you like,find the style that looks best on you.For skinny people like 'LARA' go for an Asymmetrical skirt with ruffles which would give you an illusion of a FULLER look and if you are a little plump go for a skirt with a shorter hem going as high as the Mid part of your legs. 
3) Think of how frequent you are going to wear the skirt(daily,weekly...).Look for a skirt of good fabric.
4) Color! look for color that flatters you.
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Thursday, 12 November 2015


Haloo beautiful blog readers! How is the week going? Hope it's not too stressful. Remember I promised to show you guys the second part of my india inspired outfit in my last post.
Here is it ladies!!! Do have a great day!!

Sunday, 8 November 2015


Namaste! Namaste!! Namaste!!! Well since am in mumbai let me greet you all in hindi *lol*
Saptāha kē anta mēṁ kaisē jā rahāi? Aur Kya Chal Reha hai?' Well google will help you out with that.*wink*

Sunday, 1 November 2015


Matching colours has always been the biggest brain raking of all time in fashion history.It ain't easy to do at all. There came a time known as *colour blocking* and it was trending for quiet some time. Coloured pants are beautiful but styling it is another math calculation.