Tuesday, 21 July 2015


HOLA! HOLA!! HOLA!! How are you all doing lovelies, Am sure it’s not to late to wish you all EID MUBARAK, its better late than never right? EID MUBARAK to you all, hope you all had fun and spent some quality time with friends and family and hope you all didn’t eat too much? I pray ALLAH SWT give us the mercy and guidance to remain conscious in our deeds and thoughts just like we have in RAMADAN, pray we continue to receive His love and mercy.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Salam alaykum sisters, how are you all doing and how is the fasting going? Am sure we are all maximizing the blessing and benefit of this glorious month. May ALLAH SWT accept our prayers. Gradually Ramadan is leaving us, the first 10 days have gone now the second 10 as gone as well and the best part of the month is here, the last 10 days. May we be among those that ALLAH forgive in the first 10 days, have mercy on in the second 10,and free from hell fire in the last 10 days.