Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Hi guys!! December is here and harmattan season  is fast approaching. if you haven't started experiencing it where you are, wait it for! It's definitely coming. To prepare you for the coming weather, I decided to put together a look book that could help you stay warm and stylish during this season.

Harmattan can be a difficult and confusing time for some of us. One minute it's hot another seconds it's cold or It’s dry.Although confronted with such challenges, it is a great chance to show off your fashion sense. The sun has come out to play and so have you!

For look one I'm rocking a long dungarees.The longer the better for this season. they help protect your legs and prevent them from being exposed to the harsh weather and turning white (which is the reason why I'm wearing a socks.) And my thick sweater to keep me warm.Opt for clothes that have fabrics thick enough to protect you from the cold. These include wool, pure cotton, velvet etc. Go for them instead of nylon materials as these can cause your skin to get irritated due to the dry weather.
Hope you love this look? Can't wait to share the second look with you guys.

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