Tuesday, 21 July 2015


HOLA! HOLA!! HOLA!! How are you all doing lovelies, Am sure it’s not to late to wish you all EID MUBARAK, its better late than never right? EID MUBARAK to you all, hope you all had fun and spent some quality time with friends and family and hope you all didn’t eat too much? I pray ALLAH SWT give us the mercy and guidance to remain conscious in our deeds and thoughts just like we have in RAMADAN, pray we continue to receive His love and mercy.

Today I will be sharing with you what I wore for EID, after the disappointment we got from our tailor. Buh hell no! He couldn’t kill the vibe. Firstly let me show you two ways I styled this jalab I wore second day of EID.


And here is what I wore to EID ground. I got this white gown for some months back but didn’t get a good time to rock it because anytime I tried to I always get comments from my sisters that its CELE gown. It’s was so discouraging *LOL. Anyways my CELE gown is not so CELE after all *wink.
OWK! while doing what I know how to do best on instagram *stalking* *lol, I came across some beautiful EID outfit I really like, But I must confess them SISTERS were looking all flawless #MASHA –ALLAH. Couldn’t get my eyes of IG for a sec, almost got the food burnt. Alhamdulillah the outcome of the food was superb anyways. *wink

Here is this all white outfit by @basma­_k isn’t it gorgeous? she never disappoints.

OMG! I love this heavenly made gown @feeya wore.  


All black from @aishadamdam.
Love this beautiful gown worn by @lovezai
Love this second look from @lovezai as well.

The ghali sister were also in style for EID as well   @aisha_ghali @shukrah_ghali .Love this abaya as well.


This last abaya was spotted on so many sisters on IG in different colors and they were all looking fabulous. BUH here is this one worn by @haddieeclothing. She also showed us different ways to rock it.

Owk sisters! what did you wear for EID.We will love to know.do drop your comments lovelies.


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