Monday, 4 April 2016


Happy new month lovelies! It’s the month of April and it's the blog anniversary month people! LEEMLAR will the ONE year in a few weeks and am super excited. Actually don’t know why am overwhelmed with the whole blog anniversary thing like it’s my birthday. Probably because I still can’t place my head around the fact that what started like a joke is almost a year old*sigh*. How time flies when you are having fun.

 Seeing something you didn’t take seriously at first turning to something really big is enough reason to be happy and excited right? Let the countdown begin guys! 
The weekend was a very busy and a crazy one for me, preparing for exam and coupled with the fact that I lost my precious phone *crying. Still have to take the whole stress out and chill with friends at a park, well I took some pictures which am sharing with you guys.

Had to wipe the cob webs off my camera and bring it to work again, miss taking pictures with my phone because am not too good with the whole camera settings and photo editing hence the bad picture quality *I think now is the time to learn*. Will be off social network for a while till I can afford a new phone*sad face*, not to worry guys the blog will still be up and running because I still have my system and lucky enough I can now access my school WIFI without password *yippee*. Everything happened for a reason and am not going to sweat over it *e still de pain me sha*, for now I will focus on my exams to make you all proud. Yoruba people will say “Ile oba to jo nor, ewa lo bu si” and I strongly believe that with every hardship comes ease " Fainna maAAa alAAusri yusran". I believe a better phone is on the way, maybe IPHONE 7 *wide grin* customized for just LEEMA. Enough of my lost phone gist’s ,pray for me as I start my exam today. And do have a lovely week ahead.

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