Monday, 19 December 2016


Swiss lace
 See who attended a wedding after a long while. LEEMA!! hi guys! Been a minute since the last post right?
Apologies for always going on and off. How have you been and how is the whole anticipation for the coming new year. Am sure alot of people have thier goals and expectation for the new year in black and white already. I pray we all achieve all our goals by HIS grace.

So last week i attended a friend's wedding and it was all fun, from the food to the couple entrance and the music. come see your girl digging it on the dance floor.
 I wore this gorgeous swiss lace have been hidding for almost a year now. I love this fabric so much that i decided to keep it for my introduction which seems to be taking time before it arrives(rolls eyes dramatically).

 I've imagine how i'm going to get a good tailor to make me something fabulous with the fabric,since that imagination couldn't come through yet,  decided to make a free gown.  And it turned out great. posted the picture on IG (@_lee_ma) and alot of people love it so i decided to share it with my blog readers as well. Hope you love this look too?
Swiss lace

Wedding style


Bridal style


dimple khadi said...

Nice dress dear

Halima mustapha said...

Thank you khadi love😘😘😘