Sunday, 19 April 2015


Sneakers which are something that is associated with Males of this world but now women have decided to give their heels and flats a rest for something masculine. This new trend can be worn with anything from dresses to trousers and skirts,

yea SKIRTS which could be straight, maxi or flared. Due to our environment we rarely see people wear snickers with anything except trousers and people who try this new fashion style are looked at as being weird so We decided to make this our feature for the week because this is something new, chic, easy to do and we want to make it TRENNNNNND!
Our first look is a black and white combo with a touch of red paired with flat sneakers which were inherited from my sister some 60 years….just kidding they have been lying down for a while and I decided to put them to use, after all like the saying goes give a woman the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world so what better shoes to wear with this look if not my 6 years old, OLD sneakers. 


Our second look from LEEMA  could pass for a typical Monday look, a little serious with a white jacket but she toned the look down with a pair of stylish maroon sneakers.

leema also wore a pair white pop socks to make the look more decent due to the slit on the skirt.

Like a determined young man said “YOU CAN’T DO IT ALONE OOOOH, NO BE BY” ………#FUTmx PEOPLE MUST SURELY KNOW HIM# we present to you other pros in the fashion world.

photo source: instagram

Hope you liked this post and we would love to see you try out something new… remember Fashion is architecture so just put  bits and pieces from your wardrobe and maybe a little help from your sister to look stylish, just like my 6 years old sneakers#laughs# SO sisters which look is your favorite? try it out and send your pic to our mail box leemalara1@gmail and get featured in our next post.
Thank you sweethearts and don’t forget to tell others, you don’t know who you maybe helping


Uchenna Okonkwo said...

I love dis looks. Wow leema lara #thumbsup

Uchenna Okonkwo said...

I love dis looks. Wow leema lara #thumbsup