Monday, 13 April 2015


Hello sweethearts! Hope you all had a lovely weekend and am sure you all
voted for the right man, though we have the first female Governor which am so proud of. if she can then every woman out there can. Today's post is about this beautiful fashion trend I love so Much, its so comfortable, classic and chic ---- KIMONO.

Am sure you all have been seeing this beautiful piece around but don't really know what is called or how well you can rock it.well for me I think its a must have for every lady out there. 

Kimono is this overall or allow me say "after dress" like the northerners call it. Rather than the normal plan abayas or overall Kimono comes in different patterns to style up your outfit. You can rock your kimono with a pair of jean and a top or a skirt, you can also rock it with a long dress. below is a picture of how a rocked mine short hand kimono with a straight skirt, long sleeve inner with a belt to give it that classic look.

 I remove the belt here to have a different look.

 Here is another way I styled another kimono. A long hand kimono with a jumpsuit

 Like I said you can also wear your kimono with a gown. This is a short hand kimono on a long gown and a sneakers. I personally love this look,Will try it one of this

OWK! Here is the last one for today, a long hand kimono on a dress.

I hope you all enjoy this post. So ladies tell me which is your favorite look and which will you want to rock as soon as possible. For me I love ALL. Please drop your comment and I will reply you all.
*muah* *XOXO*