Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Haven't you heard? The 90's are back! and one of the simplest trends to try is the shirt around the waist.

It's the things that look so utterly cool at the time that come off as so dated looking back. That's the nature of trends and the value of timelessness. The two aren't mutually exclusive. You can always wear a trend in a way that suit you and with consideration to timeless.
 And here we are talking about thing that was once cool. "tying shirt around the waist". We so love this latest trend of tying shirt around the waist and decided to share with you guys how we rocked ours!

If someone had told me some 10years back that I would be doing a feature on WaistTyingTrend with leema, I would have told him or her that they are lying cos I HATED it,buh here am not only doing it but also loving it.WaistTyingTrend has made a big comeback.

People used to tie a shirt or a sweater around their waists out of mere convenience on cold days after they began to feel warm, now you can pull this look effortless on any day of the year irrespective of the weather. Lucky for us, this trend is easy simple and doesn't require breaking the bank, what is needed is your SWAG and a button-up shirt or sweater which equals instant cool girl and you would be rated TB #TOHBAD#

Hope you love today's post. Looking forward to your comments.

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