Saturday, 2 May 2015


HOLA! HOLA! How is the weekend going sweethearts? Hope is not as stressful as mine. Today's post is something I know you all gonna love, did I hear somebody say black color is boring? I bet you haven't tried this!!!!!!!!!

A lot of ladies favor our feature for the day, it's not only gives a slimming and profession look but accentuates the feminine shape while at the same time is a bit conservative. The trend began in 1950's when it was introduced by French Designer Christian Dior. The trend am talking about here is the straight skirt 'aka' narrow fitting skirt, pencil skirt 'aka' (add your own name for it).lol.
     Pencil skirt due to its shape which is slim sometime long or short depending on the one you will go for, can be worn as a separate piece of clothing or office wear #serving as part of a suit# it can also the worn with a variety of tops from peplum, blouses, t-shirt sweat-tops with a sandals, pumps, stilettos, flat footwear's that go beautifully with the trend. ooops! did I mention sneakers? yea! even with a sneakers too.
       We love this pencil skirt because it is easy to wear and can make a classic fashion statement not forgetting flattering to what would-be-all-female-femme fatales.(isn't it fun being a lady).So let get those orphan tops in our box and lets get to work on how to slay a look with a black pencil skirt.



We know right about now you can't wait to try this out! Here are more way you can have fun with your complete black outfit without looking like you are mourning or something!

And here is the last one for today ladies!

I told you. YOU ALL GONNA LOVE TODAY'S POST. I hope you did? please drop your comment and don't forget to share links and tell your friends to visit. we got something really exciting coming up. I bet you don't wanna miss out. so watch this space!!!!!
wishing everyone a blessed and fulfilled week ahead.
                                                                   XOXO *muah*

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