Thursday, 13 August 2015


Pattern on pattern, This is one of the latest fashion trend among fashion bloggers, mixing
pattern with pattern, one need to be very careful before you end up creating that masquerade look. But what exactly is Fashion if you cant try something new. Mixing patterns is supposed to be fun. Although it can look cool but don’t go out head-to-toe in one pattern which will be too matchy-matchy. Switch up the colors of the matching patterns. It’s a new twist on pattern mixing that keeps the overly matchy-matchy concept fresh. Mixing stripes and floral is also a good idea especially black and white stripes, it goes with everything. Here are few pictures of how we created our pattern on pattern look....

If pattern on pattern is just too much for you, that’s fine! Just layer in some solid-colored clothes to calm things down and ground the look just like I did with this plain black body-hug I wore inside the sleeveless floral peplum top.



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