Sunday, 13 December 2015

Cape with DimpleKhadi

Haloo lovely people!!! Hope y'all are doing great and the weekend is going smoothly? Yea!! Our old friend is back here again!!! It's a collaboration with this ever glowing fashionista Khadijat of on the blog today.

Did you miss our blog feature with her HERE? Do check to know one or two things about her. Oopz!! Did I forget to mention how she has been helping with tips to make this blog better? well that is a story for another day.

We decided to do something with the cape because it is a difficult challenge to get an outerwear that is unique,stylish and also keep warm and the cape covers all of these points by its very nature as an alluring, mysterious, and stylish coat alternative.There's alot to love about the cape, and its making a play for our wardrobe this season.

Hope you love today's post? Don't forget to visit her blog for more pictures and style inspiration.


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Anonymous said...

Nice pics.... :)