Monday, 13 June 2016


Hi guys! I was given access to a fashion story by BRIMAH AND JOHN tagged
#Covetous.Which means feeling or showing a very strong desire for something that you do not have especially for something that belongs to someone else.So here is my own interpretation.

Being in love with someone style doesn’t mean you have to be like them or take their spot. Appreciate people from distance, once in a while send that word of encouragement and keep praying from them. Here is the “obsessed stalker” wishing to be the girl of the moment. She doesn’t just want her fine clothes and Jewelries, she also wanted her spot.

Being nice or accommodating sometimes get people in trouble when you are not careful enough. she have a good heart towards her, she accepted her as a friend, but all the "obsessed stalker" wanted was her spot.Being her friend was not enough, she wanted her spot. now she has it!

Her covetous, despairing eyes dwelt on her and clung about her. She gathered together all her nicest things and not content with her own, cast a covetous eye on the possessions of another. still not content with her possessions but wanted her gone forever. 
Be careful of who you let in your life. Some people are not who they pretend to be, they will act like a friend just to get close to you but all they wanted is your downfall. May we not have friends like " obsessed stalker" in our life. Have genuine happiness for others!!!!

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Funmi Adeyemo said...

Whao!This is deep and true!