Monday, 20 June 2016



These pictures have been sitting in my draft for a while now with no intention of making them a blog post, during one of my chit chat with LARA she saw them and was like why didn’t you post this on the blog, so I decided to drop this here since I don’t have anything new to share with you guys. If you follow me on IG @_lee_ma you must have seen few of them.
Am wearing the @9JACAMPUSSTYLE shirt which have been styled different ways by different people,so I decided to do something different by pairing it with a white skirt which a lot of people taught I was wearing a gown and a jacket.

 9JA CAMPUS STYLE is a platform created to canvas various schools we have in Nigeria to bring out the fashion icons of these schools so that the world can see and appreciate fashion in it’s true sense.Their aim is to provide highly engaging contents for students while also maintaining the highest form of professionalism. They bring together the different schools in Nigeria using fashion as a relative media. follow them on IG @9jacampusstyle

 how would you have rock this shirt?

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