Sunday, 4 September 2016


SKIRTS!I never liked wearing them when i was in school,i always thought it took a lot of planning to wear them but i guess i was wrong...asides it being feminine, it gives off a sophisticated look and there is a skirt for every body type and can be rocked with any foot wear.
My new love for them started when i was introduced into the Basma K FAN CLUB by SISI SNEH aka LEEMA, i was so amazed and intrigued on how she styled all her skirts effortlesly ( with belts,suspenders etc) then during  my service year i was forced to wear them since i had to be a teacher for 9 months and pants weren't allowed that's when i was properly initiated into the SKIRT GANG and i have been rocking them ever sinceee. Some girls feel its too stressful wearing them all you have to do is find your SKIRT NICHE and you can skirt it up anyway you like.

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