Monday, 7 November 2016


VARIETY is the spice of life! Different trends come up every day, from the Cape to Cold shoulder to high low skirts, denim on denim and others too numerous to mention have been rocked by a lot of ladies. 

 Just recently the YEEZY SHOES made by one interesting young man KANYE OMARI WEST (AKA BABA NORTH) have been everywhere, and the Kardashian family have become his muses slaying in all his designs from the torn cloths he makes in the name of fashion to the boots that cost a lot of cash, so for this blog post WE decided to recreate the YEEZY BOOTS with stilettos and socks, yea SOCKS!!!! You don’t have to ask who would have thought of this post……introducing the HEAVY WEIGHT FASHION BLOGGER from ABEOKUTA………….MISS LEEMA !!!!!!!!!!

I would always love to show how AFRICAN I am, so I rocked my Ankara pants with an Ankara Turban and my sis from another mother slaying as usual with a denim overall and a nude top which she kept complaining about #in leema’s voice# ITS TOO DULL………who told you that sister??

 Let’s digress a little bit, my beautiful sisters own whatever you wear, people may not see the beauty in it but your SWAG, your FORMATION (In BeyoncĂ©’s voice) would give you the courage to stand in front of anyone but please do it with modesty


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