Wednesday, 16 November 2016


Don't I look like an Egyptian Queen!! ok, let's not go that far..i think I look like an AREWA QUEEN in my own way #smiles#.I took these pictures on Friday before jumuat service with Halimah but she seems not to like any of the pictures we took of her so am flying solo again.

 I guess some of you maybe admiring my robe but it would shock you to know that my robe was actually desired to be worn in the house and with the ever changing trends in the world of fashion I could not help BUT try it and I loved it.

I also decided to do the Pattern on Pattern trend which a lot of ladies don't do but it is very stylish and shows your daring side.
So this morning I have decided to give you reasons why you should do something different as far as its positive.

1) It brings out your creative side, it gives you room to be a Trendsetter, not only in fashion but in any other chosen field of your choice.

2) It helps you focus on your strengths , for example like I love wearing our local fabrics especially as HEAD WRAPS because they are so beautiful and unique, I also get compliments whenever I wear them. So it's important to know yourself that way it gives you room to experiment.

3) There is that form of accomplishment you feel when you stand out for something good, so start thinking about that thing you can do so well that others find difficult.

4) It gives you room to make mistakes which you would never repeat again,as the saying goes "Experience is the Best Teacher".

5) Same is Lame so being different makes you Hardworking because after a while you would have people copying you and to survive in the world of business you need to keep REBRANDING yourself.

I love this picture maybe because it is Black and White and it's obvious that it stood out from all the other pictures not because it is the finest picture but because it was presented in a different way.......SO out be different, BE UNIQUE!

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