Monday, 27 February 2017


Sometimes you ask yourself, who you really are??? Are you the good daughter, the selfish friend or the hard-worker! Sometimes the answers never come when you want them too and you keep pondering, trying to feel among but you always feel out of place. You may also encounter challenges and you wonder how to go about it but for today being the 27th day in the month of February I would love for us to talk about something that would guide us to finding ourselves, which is EMOTIONAL MATURITY.

YELLO GUYS LARA IS BACK!!! I know I have been away for a while and AM SO SO SORRY, now that I am back I decided to start on an inspiring note by trying my hands on writing #covering face# most of the things I would be writing on would be about personal experiences which I hope you can all relate too. So let’s get back to business, we grow from a stage in life to another, we meet people and we lose them. Other times we lose ourselves and we tend to play the BLAME CARD but your life is yours and we all have choices to make which can BUILD or DESTROY us.

EMOTIONAL MATURITY is the ability to understand and manage your emotions, it enables you to create a life you desire, that life full of happiness and contentment. Last year I thought that the happiness I wanted in life came with a prize but little did I know that it comes from within which I got to realize through a friend of mine who is 51, we connected on a different level maybe cos she is a SOJI MAMA, so full of life. She told me a lot of things about herself and I said to myself LARA be grateful for your life cos there are people with worse challenges than you. My friend said to me that life is all about PERSPECTIVE, if you want a challenge to hurt you, sure it would as far as you believe it would.

We should all learn to measure success in our own terms, not society's and we should try to achieve it. Your emotional maturity is observed through your thoughts and behaviors when you are faced with a trying or difficult situation, your level of emotional maturity is one of the biggest ways in determining your ability to handle such situations.
I decided to give a few pointers on how to achieve emotional maturity, we all know change is difficult but as far as you practice mindfulness ( being aware of what is happening to you at that time not always thinking about the past or dreaming about the future) that is a BIG step in the right direction.
 The other points include;
Flexibility-You are different and you would handle challenges in your own way, see them as a stepping stone to greater heights. Adopt to any situation you find yourself.
Responsibility- You are responsible for your actions, stop blaming others and don't blame yourself too much for misfortunes, they are bound to happen.
Optimism- we can't be optimistic every time but that doesn't mean we should not find it when the need arises, look for a friend who sees the good in you and the world so you can tap into it. Feelings are COMMUNICABLE.
Avoid Judging Others; I really want to give a YIMU for this point cos I judge people a lot but we should remember we are all BEAUTIFUL IMPERFECTIONS. Then we should be Resilient, seek alternative views from people and above all BELIEF in ourselves.
I decided to write about this issue because a lot of us believe maturity comes with age but not in this year and time you can be matured at the age of 18 or even less if you want too. Most of us blame our parents for some things in our lives but they have played their part, it’s left for us to do ours. Believe in yourself and things would work out for you. Thank you lovelies, I hope you had a nice read...XOXO.

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