Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Happy New Month to you!!! I am particular about this month because its my BIRTH MONTH and i would love for everyday to be very special, from my daily activities to my thoughts to how i go about achieving my goals.

I took some pictures on Sunday which i would be sharing with you soon but i felt i should drop my thoughts on the blog and i really do hope that someone out there would connect with what i feel. 
A while back i thought i knew how to be a pillar for people but someone called me the other day, hoping i could cheer him up but surprising i did the inverse #covering face# because i sighted a lot of instances of people who where in worse situations than my friend then he told me 'I feel worse because i cant do anything to help them'.My dad used to tell me how one should not look at those above him but those below him when you are feeling down, which i do a lot but not everyone agrees with this school of thought. So this begs the question....
I lost a dear friend because i could not connect with him on certain matters, which makes me realize that you can't always give the right advice, you also can't always be there for everyone because after a while things may get worse between both parties and you could also crash like an over used computer if you are not careful. For this month i would love to urge us all to LOOK OUT for ourselves, take yourself out,get a JULIE in your life ( Julie is that friend who is always smiling, who sees the good in you and encourages you always), experiment on new stuff , start saving no matter how small you have and above all FIND GOD.
DUTY calls lovelies but you would be hearing from us soon. Have a nice day XOXO

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