Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Many of us dislike wearing the Nigerian colors which is very disheartening because a lot of us feel there is no hope for our Nigeria,some would say our country has been independent for along time and we have nothing to show for it.Today's post was inspired by the independence day celebration to show true patriotism in a stylish and modest way.

Before we show you the different style combos,we would tell you some facts about the colour green. Green seems to suppress hungry while the colour Red does the opposite,It makes things appear lighter as compared to objects of the same weight in the colour black,lastly it helps to increase concentration and let's not forget it is the Nigerian colour signifying  peace and natural wealth.Happy Birthday to my great country,wishing her many more good years to come. 
I had a swell time taking this pictures #Thanks Realest#.Here are our five must have looks.

Look 2... A white maxi skirt,white shirt and green jacket to complete our Nigeria colour.

   Look 3... This is actually a straight skirt worn as a tube dress with a boy friend jacket to cover up. How creative right?

Look 4...I personally love this look..a green maxi skirt with a white shortsleeves shirt which could be long if you don't want to show a lot of skin,black leggings and black heels.

Look 5..... Crop Top,green and white straight   skirt.Denim Jacket and Black snickers...If you want a more feminine look you can use heels in place of the snickers and a kimono in place of the denim jacket

Hope you all love today's post! Do drop your comments in the comment box.


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