Thursday, 22 October 2015


Shoes that are appropriate for the wet weather are often a neglected consideration until the last minute, but shoes that protect your feet from the elements are as important a part of your rainy day gear as your raincoat or your umbrella. 

It's the rainy season in Nigeria and after planning an outfit for a day, The weather may just change magically leading to a change of plan.Wearing suitable footwear during the rainy season is important. Trudging through the water, there’s always a risk of foot odor and fungal infection.
We are featuring a rubber flip flop in Today's  Post because they can be paired with anything from Pants,to dresses and skirts,apart from the fact that they are  comfortable, cheap and enable ladies show off their  beautiful feet *wink*
Here are few looks in which the rubber flip flop was worn.

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