Sunday, 18 October 2015


One  characteristics of " ember" months are the  wedding  you see everyday.Once the invitation  are sent, you get to see the colour code for the wedding. Colour codes have been the norm for centuries and in Nigeria it's  basically  called "and co" or popular yoruba word "aso ebi". The aso ebi makes you look among the movers and shakers of the party  and as well get you extra souvenir *** hahahahaha
Normally  after aso ebi is worn once for a particular wedding,A lot of people don't feel comfortable wearing it to another party.

Today on the blog will show you how I restyled my  asoebi for another wedding.Aso ebi  can be switched  for another occasion and still remain stylish and classy without spending too much. Below is this deep blue aso ebi I wore for a wedding and switched  and styled for another. 
asoebi style
asoebi style
asoebi style
I actually design this outfit my self with the help of my sweet friend that brought my dream to reality.
A crop top and a peplum skirt. For this second look I  changed the look by replacing the crop top with a red shirt.
asoebi style
And here the skirt was switched to ankara skirt which can as well go with either a plain chifon maxi skirt or floral skirt,depends on what you prefer.
Have a lovely sunday people!  And a stressfree Week Ahead.


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