Monday, 16 May 2016


Leema and lara’s blog was conceived on a Friday afternoon, got a call from LEEMA saying klebooo *a nickname we call ourselves* I just opened a blog! I was surprised because for the past six months I have been asking LEEMA to start a blog because of her outfits were always on fleek, her display pictures on bbm and whatsapp were and still beautiful, I felt she has what it takes to be a Fashion Blogger.
She took me off balance when she said she would love me and her to co-own the blog. I felt honored and it has been a good one year. We barely fight and we always communicate to make sure that none of us don’t feel left out when it comes to taking decisions. Special thanks to her course mate PRINCE of ALL9JAFOOTBALL for putting her through the whole process of creating the blog, he is a blogger too please visit his blog HERE and of cos to DIMPLEKHADI for helping with some tips to make the blog better, do visit her blog HERE for  some style and head wrap inspirations.
One year of LEEMLAR has been great with its ups and down*sigh “I mean having just 60 views for all the stress we have to go through in choosing outfits, locations, and a perfect pose” and some days better views and comments to make us feel better. All in all we thank you all for always visiting, supporting and encouraging us. Thanks to friends and my NACOSS  ”National association of computer science student” family for their constructive criticism and hypes and to my siblings for always taking my pictures even when I refused to tip them. I could remember having an accident on bike one day on our way to a location. #Thingsbloggergoesthrough. My kid sis ‘Khairat’ had bruises all over her leg, was so ashamed of myself.

To my gees “compound mate” thank you guys for always ready to follow me to any location to take my pictures and also for the yabbing, you guys are the real MVP. special shout out to our editor, error detecting machine “SHEBA BLUES” for always commending and detecting errors, MXCLIQ #Jboy for giving us advice when we started this journey, REALEST-IDEAS for bringing out the model in LARA with those amazing photos, to MAMA AFRICA,HALIMAH TAUHEED,KHADIJAH TAUHEED, NANA TAUHEED for their wonderful words and cloths,GBENGA, KASSI and MUIDEEN who helped with editing the blog.
utmost gratitude to GOD Almighty for enabling us get this far, there have been times when one would get a little frustrated, no idea on what to wear for the next post, or you want to do something and you have limited cash. At a time I thought of letting go of blogging but the motivation from LEEMA and my good friends fuelled my passion even when I thought I had lost it. Alhamdulillah!! Moving on to better times, one which include our visit to #theessence2016, we met so many people, we got to model for some fashion designers. I still remember LEEMA strutting a pose on the runway, in my head I was saying *Go girl!!* *lol. We were also interviewed by HABIBA DASILVA, got nice comments from our followers. We have had some good time and also some funny ones including LEEMA’s neighbor ‘LUCKY’ asking me if I sell clothes because am always coming to the compound with box whenever we get to take blog photos.

Guys, we actually forgot our real anniversary courtesy of LEEMA. She taught it was 20th of April not knowing it was 10 days before, she had to cover it up with exam stress. #smh Those guys up there are just so awesome. We appreciate you all for the support and love. GOD bless us all. "Make una no worry the banana Island house is on the way and we no go get time to beef WIZKID" na joke oooo. 


dimple khadi said...

Happy anniversary dearies

oki ibrahim said...

Interesting blog.


Oshey. .....

Halimah Tauheed said...

I no get acknowledgement, abi????is olrai