Sunday, 22 May 2016


 Hi guys! How are you enjoying your weekend? Am sure you are having some quality time. Recently a lot of bloggers have been talking about thrift shopping (‘okrika’ as I prefer to call it) and its benefit. It’s good to see that people are being original, leaving the whole fake life we see on social media. Everybody want  that designer bag, that expensive cloth to show off on social media.

Well am not against buying designer clothes but when you have to kill yourself for it, is what am not cool with. I love to look good ,I buy cloth more than anything and thrift shopping have been my favorite way of shopping because it is so cheap and you will get unique clothes when you have the tolerant to search like me. My friends think am the best when it comes to this because I always come back home with the best clothes at the cheapest price. 
 Most times they don’t even believe when I tell them the price and when I put them on I do get comments like “where did you get that” “can you help me get something like that” from strangers. So have decided to take this more serious and turn it into something big. Do what you love, and the rewards will come” so here is a new phase. If you love what I wear and will love me to get something similar and unique for you, or you want to change your entire wardrobe or you have an event and you don't know what to wear then contact me via and we will take it from there. So its official guys! Am adding ‘PERSONAL SHOPPER’ to my Bio. Pray I will be able to serve you well. 

Let me tell you a little secret, I got this pants for 100naira while thrift shopping with a friend few weeks back. Who could ever believe it is that cheap and am sure you can’t even get it in store. #SlayandSave.

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