Monday, 23 May 2016


 Prints!!!They could be Floral(Flowers or trees),Geometric (Random shapes),Graphic/ Abstract (Conversational everyday objects and animals) and Animal/Skin (Leopard,Snake,Alligator,Zebra.....I can go on and on cos I particularly love this Print ALOT,thats why I had to d studio feature post on it.
A lot of people rocked prints in the 70's and 80's from David Bowie,Cyndi Lauper,Anita Baker......etc and this Print Fashion Trend is still in vogue,it can be used to make HUGE FASHION STATEMENTS whether it it print accessory in form of a bag or a print jacket or print pant.
Some Fashion Critics of the past thought it was a Fashion Taboo to mix prints together but in this year and time a lot of people rock the print on print trend effortlessly *smiling* including my self.
Today's look is quite easy to achieve,i wore my sisters Maternity Gray leopard Gown and My Brown Leopard Print jacket.I hope this post inspires you to wear more of prints... Thank you lovelies,have a pleasant day XOXoö

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