Sunday, 24 July 2016


 Growing up I used to think that the ladies who wear the off shoulder top had skirts on.#smh… …how we used to think as kids. Off shoulder tops to off shoulder dresses to off shoulder jumpsuits can be styled with anything from trousers, skirts and belts.A while back I was not a huge fan of this off-shoulder trend going on lately because it looked a little tacky or hippie-dippie , not saying there is anything wrong with it but LEEMA made me see the beauty behind the madness and I just had to change my mind.

Being a true African, we decided to use the Ankara fabric which came out beautifully well…..with the different types of tops inexistence there are many way to incorporate this trend into your style as a MUSLIMAH because it is quite versatile depending on the accessories used, they can be dressed down or dressed up for event just as the complete ANKARA look from LEEMA which can be worn to any OWANBE party.It can be worn by “anybody type” irrespective of your individual style.

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