Sunday, 17 July 2016



Ankara, a kind of African fabric which was originally made by the Dutch for the Indonesian market has become a household name in Nigeria or should we say in Africa as a whole .This African fabric, Ankara is worn for any occasion from Sallah to Naming to burial services and even to work,some people wear Ankara as an everyday outfit (Mostly Northern's). It still surprises me how the Indonesian Market could not see the beauty in Ankara, thereby not accepting it....#smh  #DemNoSabi BetterThing.

 This particular photo shoot with @realest_ideas was so  exciting and eye opening to the fact that to live doesn't mean you need to posses the latest phones or roll with the big boys or girls,life is just so simple but we complicate it.We went to a fulani settlement in Maikunkele area in Minna, Niger State but before we found what we were looking for because @realest_ideas wanted the photos to be as African as possible, African cloths, the African traditional house (Huts)  which were a little hard to find but thanks to a keke driver who took us to the fulani settlement and our wonderful journey began with naked kids between ages 1 to 3 running to their mums, maybe they thought we were humans in an alien ship. #lol
At first the women we first met were a little shy of us, one of them was kinda hostile but she directed us to go ask for permission from the village head who was praying some 500meters away from us. Alhamdulilahi we were given permission and we began our mission to have an African Inspired Photo shoot. Whew! It's not easy to write, thumbs up to writers. #UnaDeyTry.
We took a lot of pictures on that day but we decided to post the THIRD look which is the African fabrics worn by women from East Africa and West Africa. Lara is seen wearing a KANGA PRINT worn mostly by women in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda basically worn in East Africa, she switched the look by tieing a Basket fabric on her head aka KENTE, which was originally worn by royalty from the Ashanti tribe in the olden days but nowadays it's different. Leema rocked a Batik fabric sewn into a BOU BOU worn by West Africans. “peep that hijab and turban combo”



We wanted to create our own OLAJUMOKE STORY, we feature this pretty lady, and she was so excited to join the shoot that she ran inside to put on her cloth. You can’t believe she is a nursing mother, her baby wasn’t up to a week old then and her body is this amazing. mehn! #BodyGoal #fulaniGirlsRocks

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