Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Just like any other fashion trend, Leema decided to give this one a trail and I must confess it didn’t really go well with my community, the glances and laughs as I walk pass every one of them was like a mad woman walking down the street. It took the Grace of God and well my experience with my course mates during undergraduate days to walk well, (I mean catwalk well) without falling down.
 The thing is I’m use to people laughing at what ever am wearing, thanks to my course mate, they made me get used to it and must times we all just laugh and move on. So, people no matter how much you laugh or disagree with whatever I choose to wear, I WON'T FALL and I WON'T STOP TRYING OUT NEW THINGS.

Slip dresses (Night gowns) are actually the thing for now from runway to celebrity slaying in them. I wasn’t too sure on how to style this one, I wanted to do something different by styling it with a skirt, and then I changed my mind. Maybe I can still show you another way to style it in another post hopeful!! What do you guys think? Do you love this look? Will you love to see me styled it another way?

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