Tuesday, 4 April 2017


The month of April comes with a lot of challenges from those who work for a living to parents whose kids would be going on holidays soon so we felt lets start this month on a serious note with the topic FGM which is known as FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION  which many of us call Female circumcision, which is practiced in various parts of the world including our dear country Nigeria....many cultures believe that it increases the chastity of a woman, gives the family she belongs to more honor and the most common reason for this practice is that it reduces promiscuity in women so this audio clip  looks at the definition of FGM, the reasons and the effects of this practice.
Female Genital Mutilation is a violation of the rights of a lady, it is gruesome act which affects one of her fundamental human rights which is the RIGHT TO LIFE.
It was a very painful topic to treat because the stories i heard of some victims and how they have resigned themselves to their fate...curiosity they say kills the cat and lara went ahead to look up some of the pictures of victims of this procedure and trust me when i say it was not a sight  to behold. I wonder how the origin of  such a practice came about , from the pain to the trauma to the infections that a girl can contact in the process.....the audio clip starts with the story of a lady Khadijah narrating her experience, as usual i would just allow you listen to Lara's voice from the NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE SERIES ( NJAPF ) 
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