Thursday, 6 April 2017


According to UNICEF, At least 299 million girls and women across 30 countries have experienced FGM, sadly 28 countries are in Africa.
Three out of Ten Nigerian women aged 15 to 49 and living in Urban areas have undergone Female genital mutilation  according to a 2016 report by 28 Too  Many, an anti FGM charity. From the statistics above it shows that Female circumcision or Genital cutting or Female genital mutilation is still going in various parts of the world especially in Africa.
As citizens of our dear Nigeria, our rights are protected under Section 2 of the constitution which is the supreme norm of the country. Section 46 of the constitution also says that if any of the fundamental human rights are being em breached the person or should i say victim can go to court to report such a case, this being said by Barrister Aisha Shehu from the last audio clip on FGM and the Law.
 Hello guys and welcome to the concluding part of our discussion on Female Genital Mutilation ( FGM) which is a crime according to the Nigerian constitution, it discriminates and violates a girls right to health , security, physical integrity, right to be free from torture and right to life when it results to death.
It is true that culture and tradition are important aspects of every society, tradition helps to mold the views and behavioral pattern of the society but some practices like FGM is harmful and must be stopped, if you look at some of the reasons given for the helps preserve virginity and pre-marital sex, the second common belief is more sexual pleasure for the men...meaning that men are the only ones entitled to sexual pleasure, which is quite deeming and annoying. The fundamental human rights are for ALL HUMAN BEINGS but the society tends to look at us as lesser beings'SHE IS A WOMAN SHE SHOULD NOT DO THIS or SHE MUST OBEY TRADITION,with some of this traditions mandating that before a woman puts to bed, she must be circumcised, this act affects us in many ways from our self esteem to our fertility, to the infections we are bound to get or the pain we feel during sexual intercourse.
We spoke to a Medical Practitioner  in person of DR AGATHA ADURO on this edition of NJAPF who throw more light on FGM, the medical implications, the effects and what she can do to help herself.
 Take a listen and share with friends and family, you may never know who you would be helping...Have a nice day...XOXO!!!