Monday, 16 November 2015


Jeans and other types of pants have been known to be comfortable for our day to day activities but Skirts are considered to be feminine and elegant,its a must have for every lady.
We have styled a straight Maxi skirt in one of our previous posts but today our focus is on the one-stand out-style which is the ASYMMETRICAL SKIRT,it is a beautiful,interesting and unique piece of work that can be worn by all body types all you have to do is pick the style that accentuates your best assets and hides your unflattering problem areas.

 Let's look at some few things to consider when choosing an Asymmetrical skirt
   1) Have a budget, know how much you would like                to spend.
2) Make sure you try the skirt you like,find the style that looks best on you.For skinny people like 'LARA' go for an Asymmetrical skirt with ruffles which would give you an illusion of a FULLER look and if you are a little plump go for a skirt with a shorter hem going as high as the Mid part of your legs. 
3) Think of how frequent you are going to wear the skirt(daily,weekly...).Look for a skirt of good fabric.
4) Color! look for color that flatters you.
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