Wednesday, 10 February 2016


ripped jean
Being  a blogger can be stressful  mentally and physically. From finding the right combination to what to wear.To top it all finding the right clothes for the right occasions and being a final year student going to school daily,struggling with project and supervisor.

Being a fashion blogger seems to be that you're a role model to alot of people also can be stressful. Anyways I still found what to wear and got thousand and 1 comments about the outfit. Though I didn't plan to do a blog post on this outfit because I didn't go to school with my camera but my phone camera turned out good so I decided to share it with you guys.
---Ripped Jeans, Jadlet to match and my hat.
One thing with fashion is when it's new,you get a lot of uncomfortable comments because they are not used to it.And when it's new, it's strange! I was even called Dorothy wizard of OZ. Yeah!! I do look like that a little *wink*.
FOR THE MODEST SISTERS! don't forget to wear that leggings underneath your ripped jeans.I optioned for a white one which I think it's different and made it unique to the normal black one that a lot of people would go for.
Remember I told you guys about the feature on
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rugged jean

stressed jean

Yea!!! I made a switch with my course mate cap. Which turned out nice.The hat complemented his outfit and I do love my look with his cap too. Which do you prefer? Hat or cap?

ripped jean