Monday, 8 February 2016


The song 'What a wonderful world'inspired today's post #humming the song#,Life is a mystery,people come people go,things fall apart, some people are born without a silver spoon,others become virtuous women and som e never seem to stop blaming the gods.
We all face challenges which could break or make them but at the end of the day It moulds you into the person you are,sometimes all we need is a SPARK from someone or something to bring out the best in you,so stop sulking and start looking for the spark, which could come from the wrongest of places #the bread hawker @tinie tempah's photoshoot and this applies in a bloggers life,sometimes all that is required for a picture to be fine or a write up to come out good is a needed spark which I got from my multicoloured pants! I was frustrated this morning cos I had nothing to wear and we needed to post something today, lo and behold my colorful pants were hiding underneath my wardrobe,as as new week starts let's find that spark to bring out the best in us.Have a sparkful week ahead

multicoloured pant


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