Thursday, 25 February 2016


Love and pain,Light and Dark,Tall and Short,Bitter and Sweet,Paradise and War Zone....I could go on and on and on about this contrasting words which some of us experience,the competition of being relevant in the fashion world is increasing by the day,we live in a world where Rags are being worn and are called cloths,over size cloths are designed and get sold out within minutes but asides from this new trends coming up, the basic clothing for ladies are shirts,skirts and dresses which without proper styling would become Monotonous. 

Our style crush for this week is this color mixing expert SHERIFAT GARBA, student of Federal University of Technology Minna, cyber security department.I think this sister right here is my twin sister *in the colour combination family*. But with this, she totally proved me wrong by saying she is my elder sister. I mean it. Who can rock five different shades of a colour and look this perfect.

Am sure A lot of people won't even push them self to do that.They will rather go with just two colours because that is the norms. But I love it when people try to be different from what people expect or what they see everyday. And no! The shirt is not black,it's deep blue.

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