Sunday, 28 February 2016


There's time for everything, a time to sleep,a time to eat and a time to graduate. A Fut minna lecturer said "use your time wisely" while advising students during his class.Or the popular "Bros time no dey,I gaz reach gk b4 9" when you have a strict lecturer's class by 9 and you stay in Bosso.

Time!they say waits for NO one, when you have not finish answering exam question and the invigilator collects your script, *Guy na just time oo!The kind of words you hear when an ex-Fut minna student is talking to a fut minna student *All na time! Dont worry before you know you go dey do clearance*.
Federal University of Technology! My alumni!the school that frustrates under tension,teaches shunting skills,teaches life long lessons,that makes the sluggish smart, that forms a brotherhood and sisterhood from the tiniest of things.
At the 25th convocation ceremony of Federal University of Technology, It was a case of happiness, joyful tears, photographs,speeches,purple long gowns,caps falling off for those with small heads or petite ladies dragging their robes cause it happened to be oversize
Well! It's not LEEMA's convocation. *wink* Was actually posing with a friend's cap. As good FUT minna student, I had to turn up since it was a lecture free day and I had a lot of friends to celebrate with. Which made it a necessity for me to be there. Actually this is the first time am attending a convocation, So it will be bad of me to go have some fun alone without giving you guys the full gist.

Saw so many stylish sisters yesterday, too bad I didn't get the opportunity to take their full outfit because they were all on their convocation gown. Will be hell of a day to start telling over 2000 sisters to start taking of their gown for me to take their outfit pictures. *sad face* well I still managed to get some though! *smiles*. Congratulations to you all. Wishing you  all the best in the favour market. 

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