Wednesday, 27 January 2016


vintage shirt
Giving a feminine look to a masculine pants.It doesn't have to be tight people!

I have a fashion expression of give me a bag of beans,and I will style it perfectly down to the colours. The attitude over what you are wearing too matters.
Baggy pants, multi coloured top, and Hey don't forget my brogue boots to match *wink* #Havefunwiththatbaggytoday.


modest fashion

vintage style
People were confuse because it was a bit out of the norm for them hence the laughter but they got a hang of it later and I met a fashion blogger while at it. #Thinkoutsidethebox. So this is for the Guys!! For all your Male fashion tips follow this freshest fashion stylist/blogger (IG: @_preciousstyles)
bloggers meetup

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