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Hi Guys!!!. How are you all doing?Today on the blog, I will be sharing with you guys our experience at the ESSENCE FAMILY FUN FAIR AND MODEST FASHION SHOW 2016. If you follow us on IG(@_lee_ma @faridahtauheed) am sure you must have known that LEEMLAR were at the #ESSENCE2016. Remember I told you guys in a post HERE that I will be giving my self a good treat for my birthday, coming all the way down for THEESSENCE2016 which held in lagos was actually the birthday treat, and it was a trip with so much exposure and a lot of dynamics to dressing modestly and still look beautiful.

#THEESSENCE2016  was a 2-day event. Day-1 was the family fun fair at the lekki central mosque. A lot of vendors were there to showcase their goods, lovely fun play ground for the kids and the adults were not left behind. We met some amazing sisters, did a lot of networking you know, had a chit-chat with HABIBA DA SILVA, if you follow her on snapchat (IG: @lifelongpercussion)  am sure you must have seen our videos with her, hope we get a feature on her amazing VLOG though #WatchOut.

Well, I bought something from HANNIE COLLECTION  and got two free cookies because I told her the next day was my birthday, reason for the wide grin here.*omo! the cookie sweet wella* would have told her the day after was my wedding day, maybe she would have given me all the cookies *sad face*

 WAIT!! How could I forget this part! The awkward moment of the day when the founder ZAHRA of UMMUFARIHANETWORK asked the STV guys to do an interview with me! OMG!! I was so nervous like I was going to sit for jamb. Thank GOD LARA was with me but on getting to the camera front I was just going on and on and my dear LARA couldn’t shut me up. Incase you see the video*BIKO! EJO! DAN ALLAH* Let the insult be mild. Because I know I was saying rubbish *lol*
Our outfit for DAY1.

DAY 2!! The Hijab symposium and Modest Fashion Show , lectures were given by some sisters which we missed because we were backstage getting ready for the fashion show. My intention of coming down here at first was to come and enjoy the show like a normal guest but since my last experience of being a model which I shared with you guys HERE, decided to give the modeling  another go. We were opportune to walk the runway with other amazing sisters showcasing the collections of the designers. I was really tempted to consider that as a career though. But no fears fellas!, blogging is the best way to express ideas.
 We both had four clothes each from the different  designers and we were really excited. The main fun began at about 1 pm when we began fussing over our cloths, We took a lot of pictures and also met a lot of nice people from Mistura to Aisha to Haddieclothing to Meedah to Ruqayat to my sweet namesake the list is endless, Ooops did I forget the Red carpet where I snitched on LARA and got an interview without her, anyways it was my birthday so I was forgiven.We also took some beautiful pictures on the red carpet. Back to the main event,the runway competition began with at 3.00pm and my heart was beating as if I was about to write post UTME but we were about to walk the runway like aspiring pros *smilies*.
First outfit was by Afah clothiers (IG: @afah_clothiers) which was more on the casual side.
The second look by Hafmardesignsbysusu (IG: @hafmardesigns ) leema looking like a Green bride looking very Morgana like from Merlin, lara like an Arewa bride with the pitch coloured dressed and  actually wearing one of those skirts under the dress which made it stand , and made her more excited about wearing  the dress since everything was so new and beautiful.
 The third look presented Leema as a Golden Bride by RAYZONE,( IG: @modest_pearls_by_ray)the dress was tailored to perfection it was made for leema,the dress even had pockets! LARA looked like a Madonna in white dress, a picture says more than a thousand words, see picture below.
The fourth and last put us in beautiful weekend outing wears (from wedding receptions to visiting friends).
Sorry for the picture quality. Most of them were taken with phone camera backstage.We don't have the professional pictures yet.These pictures didn't do justice to all the outfit.
Lets leave the talking and let the images do the rest.

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