Monday, 11 January 2016


Hello everyone? How are you all doing? I'd like to believe you had a fabulous weekend! And yes, I'd also like to believe that you confessed your sins at the sunday service and you are indeed prepared for the week ahead.
My name is Deyinka and many thanks to the Leemlar girls who have availed me this amazing opportunity to be a guest writer on the blog!
Trust me, we would be having a whole lot of swell time!
So this being my first post, I was really skeptical about what to write about. I kept wondering: I hope it wouldn't be too boring, I hope they would like it, I hope this, and I hope that...
Well all of my hoping led me to a destination I'd really like to share with y'all : FIRST IMPRESSION.
Most times in life, we are often faced with moments of creating a first impression in running of our day-to-day activities. Probably when you are meeting a new boss, meeting a business associate for the first time, meeting your partners family for the first time, meeting your date for the first time, and a whole lot of other, there's a shared factor with all of these points of human contact, you always want to appear perfect, or let me put it as always wanting to create the perfect first impression.
Well, who wouldn't? I mean, no one wants to be seen in dark shades at the very first instance of meeting someone new, we want to be seen as responsible in the case of meeting a potential life partner, possessing strong business acumen in the case of meeting business associates, well mannered in the case of meeting a partners family. However, before I plunge further, I'm sure y'all would appreciate a definition, well trust me, I have one right here in my chest pocket!
"...a first impression is an event when one first encounters another person and forms a mental image of that person" 
Now, I'd like to skip to the "mental image" part of the definition. Guys, do you know that it takes just one-tenth of a second for us to judge someone and make a first impression??? Well I was pretty shocked when I also found out. At the point of creating a first impression, we form a mental image about the person, and this mental image accompanied with the first impression plays a major role on the outcome of the manifest relationship with whoever we are just meeting.
So basically guys, what am I preaching? I'm preaching ORIGINALITY, 100% REALNESS, 100% YOU
Do not at any point of your life, I repeat, do not make the mistake of making yourself fit into the version of what others expect of you. You need to ask yourself if you can keep up with the charade you pulled off at that first point of contact. Can you keep up with it? So why not just appear the way you are, its not your loss if another human wants to dissociate from you for being human. Trust me handsome and beautifuls! You are Gods given bundle of blessing and happiness to someone out there, and that is why I'll advice you to always be the best version of yourself!
Until I come your way some other time...I love you all and yes I'ld appreciate your comments!
Here's my email : and of cause my quote of the week: "Make yourself a priority once in a while, its not selfish; its necessary"

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