Thursday, 28 January 2016


world hijab day
To some, the hijab is a symbol of female oppression and Islamic fundamentalism.But to us, the headscarf is a symbol of our religious belief in beauty through modesty.
"Modesty is part of our Islamic faith,No one should be discriminated (against) for following their faith." ---- Khan 

So Khan started World Hijab Day to build empathy for this perspective and to encourage non-Muslims, and Muslims who don't normally wear a hijab, to try it out. The Arabic word hijab refers not just to a headscarf but to modest dress and behaviour in general.
Our goal is to foster global religious tolerance and understanding through hijab awareness. Many women get discriminated (against) simply because they choose to wear the hijab. Hopefully, this event will make people realise that women who wear the hijab are just like anyone else. They're not oppressed or are forced to wear it. They just simply want to follow their faith by being modest, just like Mary (mother of Jesus).
World Hijab Day seeks to raise awareness about modest Muslim dress. 
Feb 1st world hijab day: an invitation for both Muslims and non-Muslims to wear the hijab for a day, share their hijab stories and tell the public how they feel about it. Will you love to share your hijab story with us? Kindly send your story via our mail box   
Or are you in MINNA? If YES! then join me and some sisters at the bosso campus,12am on sunday In Sha Allah for a photoshoot in our hijabs and sneakers *wink*, which will be posted on the blog on FEB 1 to celebrate THE WORLD HIJAB DAY. Non-Muslims are also invited. COME AND TRY THE HIJAB ON!!!
Here is a hijab story by sister  NimatAllah (IG : nimah_andre)

Hi. I am Ni'matAllah Iresalewa Onagbosomena Muhammed-Bello, mostly called Ni'mah by those who find my names a mouthful. I am known to be a Muslim not just on paper and social media statuses but also in my manner of speech, the friends I keep and particularly, the way I dress. 
I have worn the headscarf(hijab), alhamdulillah, for five years. I adorn myself in it and with it. It is my own way of staying covered. It is not extreme, it is normal. I could have chosen to wear less cloths and look more attractive but I didn't. I chose to wear the hijab because I have the freedom to. 
BiqudratiLlah, I will not take off my adornment because someone has likened my manner of dressing to that of terrorists. I am a Muslim, I am an hijabi. I will make my hijab longer rather than take it off. Why? Because I am a Muslim woman, not a terrorist and to ask me to take off my hijab is to question my faith, not to mention my freedom.
world hijab day

Do share your story with us!

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