Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Hi guys!!! This was an impromptu photo shoot but I totally love the outcome. That very day I got a call from LARA saying REALEST (follow him on IG @realestideas ) was in town and he would love to have a photo shoot with us but he wanted an African inspired one with Ankara and a village location. Hearing ANKARA the first thing that came to my mind was an ANKARA palazzo, I wanted a very big palazzo made with Ankara and a peplum top made with another print of Ankara, the time frame was short I couldn’t make the peplum top and my Tailor (who knows best) decided to make his own version of “very big” palazzo telling me mine version will be too big and people would laugh.

Since I could not make the peplum top I decided to pair it with a long white shirt for better coverage and the idea of an Ankara tie came up. So I quickly  hand stitched the Ankara fabric on the tie. after trying it on I just didn’t really feel the outfit, I asked couple of my friends around at that moment, they all said it’s a nice combination but I still feel the outfit doesn’t have that LEEMA vibe (SWAG) in it, so I tried my denim jacket on and I totally loved it , but my friends were like it’s too much that they prefer it without the denim jacket but my inner self didn’t even give their opinion a thought because I loved what I saw in the mirror.
Getting to the location, I knew the outcome of the photo shoot would be amazing, we took so many shots with different outfit, one which we shared on the blog HERE , LARA did another Fulani outfit which we will share with you guys soon. When I wore this outfit, REALEST was like what is the idea behind the outfit, all I could say is a village man infusing his culture into his corporate attire. What better interpretation would you have given to this outfit? Which do you prefer, with or without the jacket? drop your comments in the comment box.

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