Wednesday, 10 August 2016


I am dedicating this post to my course mates turned family, four years spent with them has been the best part of my life here in Minna. The laughter, jokes, and fights are the greatest experience that I can’t trade for anything. Each and every one of us is unique in one way or the other, the love we share is massive.
The ups and down is what made the bond stronger, no quarrel go for a day when a camera is around, just bring out a phone to snap and you will see everybody bringing heads to join the shoot forgetting that we just screamed at each other.  #MyPeopleLikePictures words can’t express the love I have for each one of them and words still can’t describe how much am going to miss them.

To celebrate the glorious finish we organized this perfect dinner to celebrate everyone, to tell you the truth it wasn’t easy even though we started planning since a year ago, it still wasn’t a smooth road. A lot of disagreement, fights and all, At a point it all looked like it wasn’t going to work and  some of the committee member stepped back and surprisingly the people I never thought will make things work later turned out to be the MVP! Never judge a book by its cover! Don't expect much from people! Enough of the planning gist let me take you to the part where the main fun is. --------> DINNER NIGHT

OMG!!! I don’t think I can ever forget this day in a hurry, it was a fulfilled event, graced by the HOD of the department, My project supervisor “Mr Enesi”, our level adviser “Mr Shehu”. The event started around 8pm even though it was scheduled to start by 6pm #NigerianTime. We took some candid shoot on the red carpet, then we moved into the hall. Entering the hall, we were welcomed by MOMENT (a slide show of throwback pictures of everyone from 100level) it was the funniest thing ever, seeing how each and every one of us has grown. Oh well! Some embarrassing moment too for me, when a “not so cool” picture of mine was displayed while my lecturers were on sit. #thankGodforyourlifeLEEMA. then the MC came up with her own idea of games, calls anyone to answer some question, when you fail you pay a fine of 1k, at first everyone was like hope it’s not the famous “devil basket” game but luckily for us it was an educative one where we get to answer some possible interview questions. well I actually didn’t do well at this part, I won’t lie to you #lol, I was asked to read the national anthem “second standza” which I had to just lip sing “chop mouth” along the way. I am not proud to say this but this actually made me go back and learn the lyrics properly. Another highlight of the night is when five of us get to mimic some of our lecturers, the laughter and the smiles on the face of the lecturers present was priceless, it show that they really enjoy watching people act like they do. Award was presented to every one of us because we are all unique in our own way. I was given the award of fashionista which was presented to me by my supervisor #whatALuckyGirl and it’s no lie your girl is a fashionista with this breath taking outfit of mine.


My outfit was made by @waseelah_couture. She did exactly what I told her to do even without seeing a picture for guideline, my outfit it a two in one piece. A straight gown and a high-low peplum skirt, exactly how I want it, so I can restyle each in a different way and still make a statement. In this situation we are in Nigeria, where is the money to be buying different clothes for each event? #Notime. Enough of the long story lets the pictures do the talking.


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