Saturday, 27 August 2016


 Hi guys!! Hope the weekend is going smoothly? Remember I told you guys in a post HERE about the seminar I attended last week. Well like I promised, I'm going to share what I learnt with you guys today. It was a two days event, Seminar on the first day and the Walima (celebration) the second day.
 Five take home message!

1-- Learn a skill to earn a living-- skill make you independent, you don't have to depend on you salary for a living.
2--  Don't accept self defeat. -- this involve three things viz READINESS, INTEREST &
3-- Don't be afraid to start a business because someone else is doing it. As far as the person doing it is a human, you also can make it.
4-- Know the difference between these words in business FI-SABILILAH (giving for the sake of Allah ) and FEE-SABILLAH (paying for the sake of Allah). business grow when family and friends pay.
5--Before you start ,learn how to finish, know your exit plan! Don't complain when things are not working as plan. Don't blame God.

 About my outfit, I was twinning with my very good friend in a kimono by Waseela couture. The pictures we took didn't come out really nice.don't know if it was the weather or the photo god was not on our side that day.

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