Sunday, 7 August 2016


BREAKING NEWS GUYS!!!! Your bae LEEMA is now a graduate!!!! Make some noise!!! Well, not officially a graduate yet because I still have to stand in front of couple of lecturers and course mates to defend my project.
But the thought of no more crazy routine of lectures, group project and assignments is enough for me to say am now a graduate, no more looking like red hot iron (things we light skin people goes through *sigh*) every evening when coming back from school because of the hot sun at my school permanent site. Trust me that place is the next planet after Sun. I am so happy am done with that phase of my life but wait next? Does being a graduate drops food on my table? Can I just go to the Bank and scream I am a graduate and received credit alert immediately? Am sure the answer is no! So what’s next for LEEMA after school?
I have couple of things want to do on my list but not sure on which one yet, OR can I just do ALL? one thing am sure of for now is staying back in town(Minna) for a while, I don’t want to go home and make everyone remind me or tell me the next thing I should do now is get married #typicalNigerianHome. while in town have planned to get myself busy doing something that will fetch me money while we wait for Service then the white-collar job, thinking of going fully into makeup since I can do that a little but need to step up the game in a professional way but then everybody is now a makeup artist where do I get my customer?
Well I know how to make hair, fix nails, tie gele and all naturally but I just don’t like doing it. My friends have to force me to do it for them every time, or is it because there is no money attached to it yet that is why I do feel reluctant in doing it? If I have customer ready to pay me well, will I have the interest in it?
Another thing I thought of doing while waiting is to be a full time blogger. Post frequently, take pictures every day to build my audience, but when and where do I start getting the money from blogging? abeg how long did it take Linda to start making that heavy cash? blogging in minna here is just not encouraging due to lack of beautiful location to beautify the picture and catch people’s attention, not to talk about how difficult it’s to get good and unique outfit. Where is even the money to buy clothes frequently in this Buhari situation. #GodBlessNaija
Thought of learning how to sew but couple of my friends are into, won’t it look like am about to take business from them? Or selling fabrics and hijabs which seem to be like everybody I know is into what should LEEMA do? Help me out on this, what do you think I should do? Help a sister out!!!!!!! Anticipating your opinion/ suggestions in the comment box!

shout out to my photographer of the day!!!! Director Zee!!!!

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victor iko-ojo said...

director zee. keep making waves... vee is coming