Monday, 13 March 2017


I fell in love with this picture as soon as i saw it, from the simplicity to the color combination to the Look of PEACE and the smile on her face...what more can someone ask for?? Maybe to steal to her headband #laughing#
HAPPY NEW WEEK GUYSSSSS!the weekend was so short and a little unproductive for me because i spent it watching a lots of TV and fantasizing about things #smh, don't even ask me what my thoughts were# but one thought i can sure tell you about is.....I MISS LEEMA ( beta come back to MINNA ooh)
To the business of the day, i know i owe you guys a write up on GENDER INEQUALITY from the NJAPF ( NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE) series which would becoming up pretty soon but for today i wanna share a beautiful advice from a SISTER, which may help us through the week or even for a very long time. PLEASE READ AND SHARE WITH SOMEONE AS BEAUTIFUL AS YOU ARE.

               By focusing on our negative emotions,we enlarge them.And then we drown in them
                                      A negative state is like wearing dark glasses.
                          They make everything we see look different than it really is.
                             But do not be DECEIVED. Nothing is actually dark!
Its just that temporary lens which is making it appear so, the secret is to understand that what you are seeing right now is not real, And it's temporary. Do not give up because its dark. Tomorrow your lens will change and then so will your world WITH A FLASH OF LIGHT.

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