Thursday, 16 March 2017


Female Infanticide, Female Genital Mutilation, Rape, Child or forced Marriage, Lack of Education, Women receiving less pay than their male counterparts.....etc this are but a few of examples of the unfair treatment that women face in the society and like i said before i would be talking about the topics we treated on the program NJAPF in full NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE  which is advocating for the rights of women and girls in Nigeria.

Hello guys, am sooo happy its Thursday, i can not wait to sleep in late on Saturday morning #hugging my pillow in my head# i hope you had a wonderful day? Yeah at last i got to drop the very first SOUND CLOUD AUDIO of NJAPF for you guys which is on the topic GENDER INEQUALITY, which is the unfair treatment of people based on their gender, it arises from the different gender roles that has been formed by the society. This gender roles are a societal norms which dictate the behavior suitable for a particular gender for example the color pink is for ladies, while blue is for guys or how a man is suppose to head and dictate on the happening in the home while some people believe a woman's role is just cook and bear kids. I would not like to talk much about the topic because in the audio clip below, my team and i dissected the topic to the best of our ability. LISTEN AND SHARE

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