Thursday, 2 March 2017


helllooo lovelies!!!it's a countdown to my birthday and one of my goals is to contribute more to the blog, Leema has been so understanding and i thank God for that #blowing kisses to her # For today i would be talking on a project i did last for 24 weeks which was full of fun moments...eating amala, staying late in the studio, meeting people ( though i didn't meet any cute guys) and some sleepless nights because nothing good comes easy.
I have been fortunate to Volunteer at a radio station ( search FM 92.3 campus radio) for over 6 YEARS ( since my 100 level days as a student of the PRESTIGIOUS  FUT MINNA ) and journey has been so wonderful, i have been to a number of places and tried a couple things from presenting to newscaster ( which i fear a lot, so i stopped doing since i did not want to die of heart attack) to news editing, production and script writing. Looking at myself i would say i have come a long way and i can only say Alhamdulillah .
As a volunteer, one of the most memorable experiences was the project i mentioned at the start of today's post, i was fortunate to anchor a 24 EPISODE PROGRAM ( August  to December of last year ) on FEMININE EMPOWERMENT called NJAPF, an acronym for NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE which focused on different topics affecting the female gender like FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION,CHILD MARRIAGE, GIRL CHILD EDUCATION, ABUSE OF DIFFERENT FORMS,FEMALE VACCINE ( which a lot of women did not know about ), RIGHTS OF THE GIRL CHILD etc..during the course of the program we"my team and i" met with different people from Doctors to Lawyers to Religious leaders who gave us concrete facts on various topics discussed.
 A friend of mine Madam Margaret Thatcher #wink# said  IF YOU WANT SOMETHING SAID ASK A MAN, IF YOU WANT SOMETHING DONE ASK A WOMAN...... so LEEMA and LARA BLOG wants something done by enlightening people on the rights of woman and what they can do when those rights are trampled upon by posting bits of what was done on the program NJAPF ( NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE) and right now the program is being translated into Hausa Language for our non speaking English listeners.
Some of you might be wondering what is happening to our usual pattern on the blog but change is inevitable and a little bit of positive spice never killed anyone, yes we are about fashion, Fashion which is an expression of thoughts and situations so we want to express how the society looks down on the feminine gender and what we can do to help ourselves. 
The first episode was "HER RIGHT TO LIFE" were some basic terms where discussed and some of the rights of the girl child were highlighted, as the weeks go by we shall be taking each episode one by one,i would also attach the links through which you can listen,download and share with friends and family.
 I look forward to having fun with you as we go on this journey. Have a nice day guys XOXO!!!!

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