Thursday, 9 March 2017


I look at this picture and i see two BEAUTIFUL,STRONG AND INTELLIGENT women who plan to change the world in their own way by BEING BOLD which is this years theme of the INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY #BEBOLDFORCHANGE so today's post would be talking a little about the day and also on a the topic GENDER INEQUALITY( episode 6 of NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE)
March 8th which is the International Women's Day, is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural heritage of women being encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone and take breaking action to help bridge the gender equality gap. The aim of the day is to achieve gender equality worldwide, we notice how we receive less pay than our male counterparts when we do sometimes do more ( if you look at how we combine motherhood and being working class women), we also not represented in equal numbers in business or politics, where we hear statements like " NA WOMAN WETIN SHE SABI DO"....OOH PLEASE SHE IS TOO EMOTIONAL TO CHAIR THIS COMMITTEE....etc. Globally the figures show that the lack of women's education, health and violence is still worse than that of men.
So lets go for a little history lesson on how this day began.....We can't categorically say how the day began but its roots can be traced to 1908 when 15,000 women marched through one of the largest city's in the world (New York) demanding for a better pay,shorter working hours and the right to vote which are all fundamental human rights that every living being is entitled to but the world viewing a woman as a lesser being is not allowed those rights. A year after, the very first National Woman's Day was observed in the United States on the 28th of February which was in accordance with a declaration by the socialist party of Amrica....opps i mean AMERICA.
The first IWD to be officially recognized was in 1911, making this years celebration the 106th, lets also remember that this month #LARA'S MONTH is WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH which was proclaimed by FORMER US PRESIDENT BARACK i would love to say that MARCH is the month that leads the MARCH of FEMININE Empowerment.

 I love how ladies this days are fighting for a course but its really painful how tradition and cultural silences someone who would rather suffer in silence than request for their rights...some women are fighting/fought for what they believe in like the LATE DORA AKUNYILI who lost a sister to fake drugs and decided to lead the war against fake food and drugs in Nigeria or how LATE  AMEYO SHADE ADADEVO who placed Mr Patrick Sawyer in quarantine despite threats from the  Liberian Government, where she later tested positive to the ebola virus or a young lady like my sister MALALA YOUSAFZAI who took a bullet for her dream to be educated , this are women who went against the odds because they had dreams,they knew what they wanted and decided to achieve them but some ladies are a little different, they believe the world should empower them, their husbands or their children should dictate on what they should do which is not that bad when the persons involved wants what is good for you.
Practices like Patriarchy which is going in the world gives men a upper hand, where they make all the decisions allowing for little or no room for women to express themselves for  us to work as a team to create places where women can express themselves and unleash their inner dragons....we can start some by appreciating what we are, what we do and ways we can  empower ourselves.
we are shouting about GENDER INEQUALITY but some of us allow the world to happen to us, we say things like...I JUST NEED ONE RICH GUY TO COME MY WAY AND AM OK....I DON'T NEED TO PASS WELL AFTER ALL I WOULD JUST GET MARRIED AND BARE KIDS, we can't fight for some women for don't want to be fought for, who are not making any effort to help themselves. This fight begins with the man in the mirror or should i say woman in the mirror, how she feels about herself, what she wants for herself and the positive things she can do to get them, bearing in mind that success is measured by HOW MANY PEOPLE YOU BLESS!

One of my mentors is Mother Theresa who gave her life to the service of others,helping the poor and weak, i also cut cap for Benazir Bhutto former Prime Minister of Pakistan and the first woman to head a Muslim Majority nation who went through hellllll. Theresa and Benazir where both successful in different fields so its left for you my dear sister to define "what success is to you''
I am not saying a stay-at-home mum isn't successful because this days, we are all concerned about the cash one can bring home but look at what she does,takes care of the kids, the bigger kid ( the husband) ,the home,in-laws, cooks food, cleans the home...should i go on listing the things we do?
 In conclusion, we should celebrate and encourage ourselves in every little way, with a hug, a kind word and in any other way you deem necessary...GOD BLESS YOU LOVELIES.....WE ARE STRONG, WE ARE SMART, WE ARE IMPORTANT.

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