Sunday, 6 March 2016


Being with you for this short period of time has made me appreciate what our mums went through,the struggles,the sleepless nights,the times they would cry when we complain and they couldn't give us what we wanted.

Adnan Guni I want you to know that you have 4 mothers who love you no matter what,that would be there for you through thick and thin and would try their best to provide for you.I also want you know that the World isn't kind so you need to be smart but never forget where you came from,never repay evil for evil but remember that the one of the best revenge you can give anyone is Making that Paper #said Queen bee in her song formation# Although the No 1 thing you should posses is the GENUINE fear of GOD and In SHA ALLAH everything would fall in place.

Never wait for people to do things for you cos they may disappoint one way or the other instead get up and do it your self.But never fail to ask for directions. 

My darling I wanna ask for your forgiveness for the times we shouted,ignored or couldn't give you what you wanted,I wanna commend your efforts this days by going to the toilet without me following you again or staying in the dark without crying or you trying to rinse your cup after taking your Golden Morn or putting water in the fridge when you are asked to do so....God bless you baby!I pray that God would guide you and all the other children out there,bless you all with wisdom,Happiness and strength to overcome life challenges.May you all be a source of joy to us parents,the nation and world at large.Love you always....Happy Mothers Day. 

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